Not enough sex education talk in schools, research paper help

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My research topic is: Not enough sex education talk in schools. 


For this assignment, develop your research paper introduction to communicate your knowledge and understanding of a research topic. Using the Introduction Scoring Guide as a reference, write a paper in which you discuss the following specific points:

  1. An introduction stating the problem and describing the background of the problem.
  2. The purpose and significance of the study.
  3. A preliminary summary of the research method and design.
  4. Guiding research questions or hypotheses.
  5. The assumptions and limitations of the study.
  6. The operational definitions used in the study.
  7. The expected outcomes.

Use the APA Proposal Template to complete this assignment. This template is already designed with headings and subheadings that you must use for proposal development. 

  • In your paper, include in-text citations and a reference section at the end. 
  • Make sure your paper is formatted based on APA sixth edition guidelines. See the iGuide page APA Style and Format or basic rules of style and formatting at the APA Style Web site for information on these guidelines.
  • Your introduction should be 6–8 pages in length.
  • To ensure you are meeting the objectives of this assignment, review the Introduction Scoring Guide. 

Before turning in your paper, submit it to Turnitin source matching tool and review any incidences where you have not properly given credit to the author of a source. For more information on using Turnitin, review the Turnitin tutorials given in the resources.

After you have made the necessary revisions based on Turnitin reports, submit your paper to the assignment area for grading.


My notes to you: 

* Attached will be a template on how the paper needs to looks like.

* The paper needs to APA style. 

* Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM 

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