Now that you had some practice writing objectives, start working on your objectives for your presentation. You will need 2-4 well written objectives related to you topic. There is a rubric by which you should follow, it’s under the rubric in the content

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You will need 2- 4 properly written objectives that relate to your chosen topic. These objectives are what you would like your group to learn at the end of your class.

Did anyone look at the rubrics on the content page? I copied it here for you!

Grading Rubric: Objectives

A goal is an outcome of what is achieved at the end of the learning process. It is broad and the long term target. An objective is a specific single behavior. Objectives should be achievable by the end of the class. For example, a goal may be that a diabetic patient will learn to manage diabetes. Specific objectives will be how to achieve the goal. The objective must be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed-based.) Example: The client/patient/family member will be able to calculate the correct number of total grams of protein provided in handout example after reading the handouts and listening to the calculation lecture.

Common mistakes writing objectives include: describe what the instructor is expected to do rather than the learner, write objectives that are unattainable by the learner based on ability or educational level, writing objectives that do not relate to the goal, and including more than one expected behavior by combining “and” to connect two words (example: select and prepare).

Terms which are more effective and measurable:

apply, calculate, choose, compare, define, describe, demonstrate, distinguish, identify, list, recall, select, verbalize, write

Terms open to many interpretations are:

know, understand, appreciate, realize, enjoy, value, feel, think, learn

Grading Rubric

Grading Criteria Points

Objectives are time-bound 15

Objectives are specific 15

Objectives are measurable 15

Objectives are relevant 15

Objectives are achievable/attainable 15

The class goal has stated outcome 15

Correct spelling, size of the audience, intended audience 10

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