NSG 312 CTU Community Nursing Roles and Responsibilities Paper

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Part 1: Describe the evaluation plan and measures to determine whether the education was effective. 

  • Provide the plan for evaluating learning.
  • Describe how you will know the learner understood the information.
  • Describe the action you would take if the learner misunderstood any health information.

Part 2: The deliverable is 1–2 pages of evidence-based educational material OR a poster OR short PowerPoint presentation(refer to references and best practices for health education materials or poster development).

The education must include the following:

  • Title of education and name of student (you) 
  • Clear, easy-to-understand language (no higher than a 5th-grade level)
  • Pictures to add clarity to the words
  • Bullet points, if possible
  • References current (within 3 years) and cited at the bottom of the educational material

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