observe and collect data

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Assignment 2 will require you to complete many tasks in order to observe, identify, collect data and graph data regarding a particular problem behavior that a student is displaying.

  1. First view this video of a student displaying off-task behavior. Write an operational definition for “off-task” behavior that can be used to observe and record data. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  2. Next, create a 10 second partial Interval Recording Form and use it to record the occurrences of the problem behavior. You may use examples from the book to base your interval recording form on. There should be a total of 13 intervals on your recording form.
  3. Finally, create a line graph to log your behavior data along with the attached data which I have provided for you. Make sure to use the examples of line graphs from the book in order to include all necessary and relevant information on the graph. Sample Data – Assignment 2-1.xlsx

Submit your completed interval recording form with the operational definition at the top of the document. Also, submit your line graph (either on the same document or as a separate document).

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