One Marketing Plan and One Marketing Hospitality Study Case

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For the Marketing Plan, it will be uploaded a sample on how you do the marketing plan. The topic is going to be about Lyftable, which is the same company, Lyft, but we are trying to make a marketing plan for the company to expand its services and profits. Only three parts are required to use for the work, which are Situational analysis, Financial and forecasts, and Performance and Control. Additionally, you will have another sample that I got from my group that is about 5 years marketing plan. This will help you a little bit in terms of how would be the work and it is expected from my group that I get a look of it so I can have an idea about it as well. The pages as much as you can cover the points perfectly.

The exam case is going to follow analysis case instructions that only will be used, no other external materials like google. Please follow the instruction and try to do it an a good way that it can be recalled easily. 6 to 7 pages or as much as you cover the points of the instructions. Please include do nothing option cuz so important to the professor.

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