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For this assignment, you must search national and international media outlets find an article related to marketing, business or concepts learned in the course prepare a written summary of the article and upload your written summary to Blackboard.

Be sure you type your written summary in a Microsoft Word document and include following information. Alternatively, the attached Current Events Summary Sheet may be used to complete your written summary.






Date submitted


Date of Article




Publication/Source of Article


Summary of the article in your words


Your opinion of the article

one page own word
CURRENT EVENTS SUMMARY SHEET Directions: For this assignment, you will find a current news article that relates to marketing or business. Business, marketing trends frequently change, so the article cannot be over 1month old. Fill out the sheet, upload to Blackboard and present your current events summary to the class. . CURRENT EVENTS ASSIGNMENT # Student Name Course Today’s Date Date of Article Publication/Source of Article Author of Article General Topic Discussed in Article In the space below, provide summary of the article in your own words. In this space below, provide opinion of the article, what makes it important or interesting. Explain whether you agree or disagree & justify WHY you feel this way.

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