one page timeline

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Below are the names of the second and third waves of American modern dance luminaries. Using the timeline I created for Lester Horton, you will create another timeline for one of the following individuals.

  • In class, you gathered into octets.
  • Select the dancer below that corresponds to your order in your octet.
  • Your timeline should look EXACTLY like the Horton Timeline: one full page outlining the most significant events in the life of that individual (and include at least reputable online links).
  • You must send your timeline to the other members of your octet.
  1. Alvin Ailey
  2. Katherine Dunham
  3. Merce Cunningham
  4. Hanya Holm
  5. Pearl Primus
  6. Jose Limon
  7. Paul Taylor
  8. Anna Sokolow

A) The first person in the octet pastes all of the timelines into one document

B) Copies everyone in the group to the email to me so that all members of the octet know this task has been completed.

C) Send the document to me and all of the members of the cohort.

See the attachment and timeline should look EXACTLY like the attachment also the timeline talk about Merce Cunningham

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