Operations Management – Assessment 2 – Toys (Cyprus) Ltd. – Case study

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Could you please amended my assignment according to my tutor instruction..

Presentation is disorganized. Purpose and meaning of assignment is poorly expressed. Lacks critical analysis of theory. Purely descriptive. You should support your answers with specific examples.

Your assignment is very general without really addressing the specific problem that Toys has. You could use the theory of the “case study methodology” link.

In the beginning, I expected an overview of the external environment, the sector, as well as the internal environment.

You’ve mentioned the problems ailing the company. You could analyze, in more detail, the proposed solutions of the different departments of Toys Ltd.

Your report did not address the problems of toys specifically focused on: Total quality Management issues (TQM), six sigma solutions, Just-in-Time approach (JIT), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Returns Management, Inventory management, Statistical Process controls (SPC), Use of cause and effect diagrams (Fishboning), etc.

Limited conclusions.

Your report could include table of contents, introduction, and more academic references.

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