opium, coca leaf, western powers, commodity chains help needed for my legal homework

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Your response should be between 500-850 words for each question, cited and referenced in accordance with APA 6th Edition Publication Manual format.

1.Please define, describe, and discuss the “opium poppy” from its origin to contemporary times. Please make certain that you discuss the cultural, medicinal, literary, and socio-economic impact that the poppy had and continues to have.

2.Please define, describe, and discuss the role that Western Powers played in the proliferation of opium and heroin from the 5th Century (early Middle Ages) through World War II. Make certain that you address the cultural, military, economic, and organized crime aspects of their involvement, as well as any forced treaties.

3. Please define, describe, and discuss “commodity chains” and how cultural and political environments influence or impact commodities such as the “opium poppy” and the “coca leaf.” Also, please make certain that you include in your answer “Global Commodity Chains” and the “Marxian Law of Value,” and “Adam Smith and the Theory of Value.”

4. Discuss the origin and history of the “coca leaf” from its earliest discovery to its development as an illicit commodity.

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