Organizational Change

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Respond to each (2 seperate responses) of the following: There is no word count.

Response 1:

Apple is an innovative company. Apple has been able to adapt and offer customers innovative ways to do things that maybe they could not do before. Apple has focused on what customers want and have used their ability to read customers to make themselves innovative and adaptable. They used this ability to create the Ipod in 2001, itunes in 2003, in 2009 they introduced the iphone (Weiss, 2016). The Ipad was introduced in 2010, the Apple watch series 3 with gps and cellutar connection shortly after, the app store in 2008 and now the new Apple X.

Apple’s ability to read the customer and present products that everyone wants has kept them as top leaders in innovation. They are a creative force that improve on competitor’s devices. Apple takes ideas and starts them years before the product is complete (“Apple: Most Innovative Company | Fast Company”, 2018). They have forward thinkers who create products and they are tested before they ever hit the market, this way the company has perfected the design and done the trouble shooting, so the customers are not facing issues with their new devices. This innovative thinking is what has made Apple a world leader in technology and a fierce competitor in its industry.

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Response 2:

Innovation and competitiveness go hand in hand when discussing the company Amazon. Amazon started as an online book store 22 years ago and has evolved into the mega power of online shopping and technology. Amazon continues to adapt by exploring all markets and any possible competitor. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has said that “Our job is to invent new options that nobody’s ever thought of before and see if customers like them” (Robischon, 2017). The continuing flow of ideas and innovation is what makes Amazon the top online retailer in the world. However, the CEO and executives could not innovate alone. It takes high level talent at all levels in the company to continue to evolve in the industry.

Amazon hires quality talent to work in their headquarters in Seattle Washington. It retains its talent by offering perks to employees unheard of in the industry. The state of the art facility houses 3,000 species of plants, an expressions lab where employees can learn to knit or paint, several markets, cafeterias, and even a floor in the building with a dog park (Robischon, 2017).

Finally, Amazon continues to innovate in logistics. The company was estimated to spend $11 billion annually on shipping costs. In order to cut those costs and turn more net profit, Amazon has developed its fleet of cargo planes and cargo trailers. Having a way to deliver its own products and not rely on USPS, Fedex, and other carriers, in turn saves Amazon millions of dollars per year.


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