Organizations need to go global or die: What are the benefits and limitations, recommend and justify

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Critically evaluate this statement and us supporting examples to support your answers.

Use any company that comes to mind (Apple, Virgin, McDonald’s etc.)


  • The assignment should be presented by means of a 3000 (+/- 10%) word report excluding references and appendices
  • Reference all sources of information used in your work and any additional information to support your answers can be included in the appendix
  • APA Citations
  • Essay style


  • Demonstrate clear understanding of the relevant theoretical concepts and principles
  • Convincing, clear and concise analysis of and in using relevant concepts and principles in the context of the information provided
  • Ability to synthesize and to form creative responses
  • Evaluation of issues
  • Effectiveness of problem solving
  • Ability to present the required information in an acceptable format
  • To support an argument, draw in evidence as well as assertion. Make extensive use of external information sources with appropriate statistical data to support your answers where necessary.
  • Think about structure.

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