PAD Module 5 and 6 dropbox, and module 5 discussion

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*Module 5

There will be FOUR (4) separate documents due for this assignment (2 worksheets and 2 narrative submissions):

  1. The completed Methods Worksheet (page 53)
  2. A written Methods Component for the Grant Proposal (narrative document, see page 52 for example)
  3. The completed Evaluation Planning Questionnaire (pages 61-62)
  4. A written Evaluation Component for the Grant Proposal (narrative document, see page 60 for example) *Module 6 This is a two-part assignment: 1) Complete the Budget worksheet and 2) Submit a DETAILED Budget, in narrative form, that explains and justifies the costs and expenses of each item included in the grant. Remember, calculate your budget based upon one-year of operation. YOU MUST ALSO REMEMBER THAT THE REVENUE TOTAL MUST MATCH THE EXPENSE TOTAL. IF THE NUMBERS DO NOT MATCH, YOU HAVE SOMETHING OTHER THAN A GRANT. *Week 5 Discussion Discuss any surprise findings you may have discovered thus far. Share any valuable information you have uncovered with your fellow learners. This forum is not graded, but is used to monitor attendance which is documented and reported directly to all financial aid programs. (If you are receiving any type of student aid, you must be able to substantiate that you are actively participating in the course)

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