Paragraph 1- Respond to the following post

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Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Part of working in the emergency room is to have to engage in many cardiac/respiratory arrests. My reaction to death has differed depending on the situation. There has been a time when an elderly adult has been brought in to the ED in cardiac distress with no family bedside and quickly deteriorated and eventually coded. After working the code and time of death had been determined, I have easily moved on and went back to my section of rooms and picked up where I left off with my other patients with no real feelings about the situation. There has been other times where I received a patient with their whole family was bedside screaming and crying due to the patients decompensation. After the time of death, having to see each family member go in and out of the room crying clearing suffering from their loss, has gotten me sad, but overall, I have gone home at the end of the day not really dwelling on the situation much. However, there was one code that I still remember that did not sit well with me and affected me for about a week after. It involved a 2-year-old child who was very sick upon arrival and ended up seizing with foam in the mouth and dying from aspiration. What made it so sad was that it did not seem that the infant had a fair chance at life. He was too young to die in my eyes. His mom, dad, two siblings and even grandmother were there yelling in disbelief. I wanted so much to have saved the child but with all of our best efforts, we just couldn’t. It made me question my nursing skills and the fact that I would be able to save my own children if ever in respiratory distress. The truth was, we did everything we could to save this child but it was out of our hands. A higher power had a different plan for the youngest and we, the living were stuck dealing with it. Since that situation, I haven’t had another pediatric code but im sure that they will always be unsettling to me no matter how many I do. As mentioned in (HealGrief, n.d.), everyone person experiences death differently, grief is personal and individual. We all have our own coping mechanisms and life experiences that will determine how the loss will affect us.


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