Persuasive Speece on Narcan training

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I want the speech to persuade people to go get trained on how to use narcan. One source I would like you to use is , something from the cdc… and something you can find with statistics maybe this site… . I would also like to include in the speech that I am the mother of an addict and because of Narcan my son is alive today. I have attached a sample outline that our professor wants ours to look like.. The Outline is the most important part of this. I want to show a video that is 4 minutes and that time is included in my 7-8, so the speech can be short and sweet and to the point.

Prepare a 7-8 minute persuasive speech. You have a choice of a Speech to Influence Thinking or a Speech to Motivate Action Use of two visual aids, outline, three credible sources, and reference page are required.

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