Ph.D Entry Questions

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Letter of Intent – The Letter of Intent is designed to help you begin your Doctoral Journey in a reflective and purposeful manner. This information will help us understand your motivation for pursuing the degree, your vision of the outcomes you hope to achieve, and your plans to commit the time and resources necessary to complete the degree. In approximately 250 to 400 words, please respond to the following:

  • What has motivated you to achieve a doctoral degree?
  • What do you envision you will do differently when your degree is complete?
  • How will you dedicate the time and effort to be successful?

* I am about to purse a doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education. i just completed at Master of Arts in Executive Leadership. I am currently work in education as an elementary teacher and I also have a passion and drive for education. My plan is to transition to the college and work my way up into administration.

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