Philosophy assignment needed asap

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 I am in the course of beginning philosophy and need help. There are 3 questions and each question has to have 2 or more paragraphs. 

1. What are the forms and what are the four levels of knowledge for plato and their respective objects of knowledge? What does the chief Form Good do and how does it differ from the other forms. 

2. Why does Plato rank democracy as the second worst state next to tyranny and why does he dislike the ranking of the objects of desires in the soul of the democratic man? Is plato being fair to democracy and the average citizen of democracy in your reasoned opinion. 

3. How does Plato finally answer Glaucon’s amd Adeimantus’s challenge from book II to supply an argument for the good of justice in and of itself? Is this a persuasive argument in your reasoned opinion and what is this argument’s relationship to Plato’s conception of the form good. 

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