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The research study to be used is

Part I. Study Summary (3–5 slides)

The study objective/research question

Primary exposure(s) and outcome(s) of interest

Identification of study design

Description of study population and the sampling/selection process

Description of the statistical analysis used and the primary measures of association reported

Identification of potential confounders and effect modifiers (if any) and the technique used to minimize them or analyze their effects

Summary of major study results

Part II. Critical Analysis and Application to Public Health (10–12 slides)

Explanation of random error and possible selection and/or information bias and how it might have affected the results, including a discussion of the size and direction of any possible bias

Evaluation of other potential limitations of the study

Description of the potential generalizability of the study results

Description of future studies that would be appropriate given the study findings

Evaluation of the public health practice implications of the study

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