Planning for Change in an Organization Report, management homework help

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Consider an existing organization you are familiar with, such
as an employer, or a company for which you would like to work that operates
under a traditional management model. The company’s new CEO is looking to grow
the company into a sustainable organization. In her initial evaluation, the CEO
realizes that the traditional management approach is not compatible with being
sustainable and wants to explore integrating a Corporate Social Responsibility
program as an initial step to becoming a sustainable organization.

Create a 1,400-word change management
brief or report.

Explain how change management, in the
context of Lewin’s or Kotter’s model (select only one), can help the
organization become a socially-responsible organization.

Apply Lewin’s model and
outline the following: I need an introduction as well!

  • Define
    the project goals in the context of change management. (I only need this bullet answered)
  • Propose
    an action plan for creating change. (DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION)
  • Establish
    how progress will be measured.(DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION)
  • Determine
    how performance will be validated.(DO NOT ANSWER THIS QUESTION)

Include at least four peer reviewed
references. I need references and in text citations!

Format your assignment consistent with APA

I have added some articles that may be used, but please use at least one. 

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