Please follow all the requirements and complete the work as is requested.

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Public speaking topic: Levels of leadership

Delivery Time: 9 to 12 slides

Introduction- Briefly summarize the key points and general approach. Explain any special procedures (such as demonstrations, displays, or tours). ONLY USE BULLET POINTS ON THE SLIDE!! For example, “During my briefing, I will discuss the six phases of our plan. I will refer to maps of our area of operations”.


  • Arrange the main ideas in a logical sequence.
  • Use visual aids to emphasize main points.
  • Plan effective transitions from one main point to the next.
  • Be prepared to answer questions at any time.
  • Conclusion- Briefly recap main ideas, restate thesis and make a concluding statement

    One strong paragraph for each speaker note, please. 2 to 3 references should be fine.

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