Please help answering these questions

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1. Say that you are leaving on vacation in the spring. (partir)

2. Say that you went to France last summer. (passé composé tense, aller )

3. Do you always finish your homework? (answer in present tense & use a direct object pronoun for “homework”)

4. Name 4 pieces of furniture you have in your living room.

5. Say that you and your friends did not go out often when you were 15. (imparfait)

6. Say which housework tasks you did yesterday. (3 verbs in passé composé)

7. Say what you had for dinner (use the partitif, passé composé of prendre & boire, 2 vocab)

8. Say that you bought your mother a car. (answer with an indirect object pronoun to replace “mother”, using passé composé)

9. Say what you do in the mornings to get ready to go to work or class. (present tense, 3 reflexive verbs + at least 2 body parts)

10. Say that you broke or injured your leg. (passé composé tense of reflexive verb + body part)

11. Give 3 symptoms you have when you have the flu. (avoir + vocab)

12. Say what you would do if you had all the money or time to do it. (give 2 verbs in conditional tense.)

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