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Stephanie is a human-services policy analyst who works with the state-run psychiatric hospital system. Her job is to facilitate discharges of patients to the community by coordinating with local mental-health centers and providers of care to make sure that the patient has adequate and immediate post-discharge care. Stephanie received a call from a parole officer of a 25-year-old illegal-immigrant patient named Kevin, who was in the hospital. The parole officer indicated that Kevin violated parole by abusing illegal substances prior to the admission to the state hospital. The parole officer asked questions about Kevin’s diagnoses, where he was being discharged to, and the staff involved in his care while hospitalized. You have been asked to determine if Stephanie can legally and ethically answer these questions and provide confidential health information about Kevin to the parole officer.

  1. Based on your analysis of federal and state laws and applicable regulations that govern human services practices that have been covered in this course, what ethical and legal considerations should be addressed to determine what healthcare and other confidential information can be released, and who can receive it, according to the case scenario provided?

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