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Posts should integrate key terms and concepts from the assigned chapters and should put these terms and concepts in bold font text. All answers should be numbered and answers should demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the assigned reading material.

Please view the short news segment “Elon Musk 60 Minutes Interview”. Also view the short news segment on self driving cars titled “Hands off the wheel” (watch the first 15 minutes or copy and paste here – (you will need a CBS all access pass (required for this course) to watch the hands off the wheel video).

Both of these links are working and are viewable through the Google Chrome Browser. I can’t guarantee they will work in other browsers.

  1. Analyze Telsa relative to chapter 9, specifically Exhibit 9.2
  2. Based on the video case study and your own research of Tesla, discuss how you imagine Tesla’s new product development process. How does it compare to Exhibit 10.1 in chapter 10? In other words how does the difficulty of evaluation of the final product impact the NPD process and how consumers view/evaluate the product? In this question you are working backwards. Imagine the finished product, do you need to go back and adjust the product to make it marketable or even understandable to more than the early adopters?

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