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1: Assignment

Terrier News Terrier News is a monthly newsletter devoted to various breeds of terriers and topics of interest to terrier owners and breeders. Annie West, the editor and publisher, asked you to help her design a system to enter and manage the hundreds of classified ads that Terrier News publishes. Some ads are for dogs wanted; some are for dogs for sale; and some offer products and services.


1. Design a suitable source document for ads that are telephoned or mailed in.

2. Explain user-centered design principles in a brief memo to Annie.

2: Assignment

Suppose you work in IT, and the sales team needs answers to three specific questions. The data might be stored physically in seven tables. You know how to create Microsoft Access queries, but to learn more about database logic and design, you decide to study Figure 9‑32, and then pretend to tell the database how to find the answers, step by step:

A. Did any customers receive service after 5/4/2015? If so who were they?

B. Did technician Marie Johnson put in more than six hours of labor on any service calls? If so, which ones?

C. Were any parts used on service calls in Washington? If so, what were the part numbers, descriptions, and quantities?

I attached Figure 9‑32.

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