Policy Memo and

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Assignment 1: Policy Memo

Assignment Content

  1. You have been working in a criminal justice agency for almost a year now, and one of your goals for your annual review is to propose new ideas or support new policies. With a month before your review, you are ready to work on this goal.
    Research a new or proposed criminal justice policy you support.
    Write a 1,050-word memo in support of a new policy in which you:

    • Describe the policy.
    • Explain why you support the implementation of the policy.
    • Provide statistical data in support of the policy. Explain how the data supports the policy.

    Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines

Assignment 2: Bureau of Justice Statistics Data Review

Assignment Content

  1. Individually, access the Bureau of Justice Statistics website, find two topics that interests you, and pull down the data for it. Be sure that you are utilizing an actual data set/data report and not just a summary. Share your data set for each. Consider the subjects and goals of each outcome of the data set you shared. Write a 700-word paper explaining the data and the results. Your assessment should:

    • Compare how the data was collected for each topic.
    • Explain how the data was analyzed and differences between the topics.
    • Provide the hypothesis of the research and the findings.

    Include at least one peer reviewed reference (a research article from the BJS website is allowed).
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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