political science -04

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Need to answer all these following questions:

Which theory or theories of development are best suited to explaining variations in the relative development performance of the West and the rest of the world since the Great Divergence? Do you find the same theories compelling for the West and those that developed later, or are different theories needed to explain these cases? Explain why you use the same theory or different theories to address this comparison.

Total word count: 600, need 2 full pages essay. I post several example essays, please check. Need to use the attached file to help answer and writing this essay. This work is very important, need high quality work.

General outline for reflection papers:

Intro paragraph: 3-4 sentences that essentially tell me what you are going to say in the essay.

3-4 body paragraphs: Each paragraph should either answer one part of the question or, if the question has a multi-part answer, should address each individual idea. Each paragraph should have some evidence to back it up, so I would expect to see at least one citation in each paragraph.

Conclusion: 3-4 sentences that are a brief recap of what you’ve just told me.

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