popular culture theory

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Popular culture theory

Despicable me (pop culture: merchandise, video games.. etc)

Assignment Details:

In this paper, you are expected to discuss:

First paragraph: Introduce the idea. The media has been affected by many influences and various theories. Today we have been exposed to many films, series… etc.

Second paragraph: circulation of pop culture theory

Third paragraph: how a film or a television series (despicable me) is an example of popular culture.

The paper should include

A thesis

A brief explanation of the popular culture theory

Some basic information about the film/TV series

And then mainly discuss

A) How the film is an example of popular culture (this is where you need to bring in your research)

B) Why is it relevant and important to you, what makes you watch it.

You should ideally choose a media text that you are personally invested in, and NOT any random popular film or TV show.

Important: You are required to include a bibliography (APA style) list at least 5-6 references (properly formatted) . The references should include 2-3 scholarly sources. And also; use in-text citations, when required. The bibliography is not inclusive of the minimum length requirement (5 pages). Make sure you follow a proper essay format – introduction (with a clear and specific thesis), body paragraphs, and conclusion. Also, remember to include a creative title!

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