Portfolio Project – interventions for a selected population

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Option #1: Two Interventions for a Selected Population

The Portfolio Project demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge of the case management experience in human services by synthesizing the information from the readings, class work, scholarly sources, and students’ work and life experiences. The purpose of this project is to integrate human service needs with evidence-based interventions, and to apply both to a fictitious human service setting and population.

In this assignment, you are asked to discuss cultural competency in human service work and how it can be achieved in the treatment of a specific population.


  1. Select a population in need that would be treated in a case management setting (e.g., the mentally ill, the homeless, those suffering from substance abuse, single parents, victims of domestic violence, people living with HIV/AIDS, the terminally ill, or people living in poverty).
  2. Thoroughly identify the case management needs of the selected population. Include descriptions of assessment procedures that will be used. Incorporate at least one scholarly journal article to provide support for your descriptions. (Hint: The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find your resource!)
  3. Develop a list of strategies and interventions based in research to treat the case management needs of this client. Include a summary of at least three different interventions. Describe the rationale for using each intervention, citing the research that supports its use.
  4. Distinguish between direct interventions and care coordination/advocacy that will be used in the treatment of this case management client.
  5. Identify and distinguish among the model(s) of case management applied to this case, as well as the distinct roles of the case manager.
  6. Describe and address cultural considerations in treating the population in need.
  7. Describe and address ethical considerations applied in the case management treatment of this population.

Additional Requirements:

  • Discuss and cite a total of at least three scholarly sources.
  • Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, in addition to the required cover and reference pages. Format your entire paper according to the APA Requirements.

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