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My class discussion question needs to be answer with at least 190 words with example. I would like for it to be in your own words. If not please cite in text with reference, No plagiarism please. Doesn’t need a title page.

Class: According to the chapter reading, “Workers’ compensation insurance came into existence during the early decades of the twentieth century, when industrial accidents were very common and workers suffered from occupational illnesses at alarming rates.2 The first constitutionally acceptable workers’ compensation law was enacted in 1911. By 1920, all but six states had instituted workers’ compensation laws.3 State workers’ compensation laws are based on the principle of liability without fault4 (i.e., an employer is absolutely liable for providing benefits to employees that result from occupational disabilities or injuries, regardless of fault) (Martocchio 2017).

Comments or shares regarding Workers Compensation(WC) and Executive Compensation? Do you believe WC exist in this employment group? Explain why or why not and consider average salary.

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