Power and Politics and the film clip The Cows of Dolo Ken Paye, writing homework help

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 Review in Seeing Anthropology Chapter 10,Power and Politics and the film clip The Cows of Dolo Ken Paye: Resolving Conflict among the Kpelle in Seeing Anthropology.

Address the following questions: 

  1. What do we learn about the culture and structure of conflict resolution in this case from the film clip? Read the Set Up Questions on page 319 carefully in advance of reviewing the film and working on this question. (about 250 words)
  2. What is the role of women in the conflict resolution among the Kpelle from the information provided on the film clip? (about 250 words).  Your response should consider lessons gleaned from your study of gender in Chapter 12, The Cultural Construction of Gender in Seeing Anthropology.

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