power point assignment 5

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there is a Power Point to provide for this assignment.

Having read the Lecture Notes and assigned chapters, complete the assignment as a Power Point, and then submit the file to the Drop Box provided, according to the due date on the Calendar. Be sure to label the file according to the Communication Guidelines.

The Power Point is required to cover the following topics:

1) Discuss the legal aspects of job analysis and the importance of consistent practices in dealing with all employees. (Chapter 3)

2) Discuss at least one aspect of the interview process and at least one example of bias which may occur. (Chapter 4)

3) Lastly, having read Appendix A, discuss the importance of one law or regulation applied to the employment process.

Combine these three topics in one Power Point presentation, to provide your understanding of the chapter material for the week. The length limit is 15 slides, as it could be simply stated in less. You will not be presenting the presentation however you are meeting the Communication Criteria of the provided Rubric.

The assignment will be graded for understanding the topic, providing a clear discussion of such, as well as utilizing correct Undergraduate level grammar.

Grade: 20% of total grade, along with accurate grammar


Title: Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives

Author: Robert L. Mathis; John H. Jackson

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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