Prewriting and Annotated Bibliography Details, writing homework help

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Whichever topic you choose, your essay must include the following:

  • At least one direct quotation from each source named on your references page
  • At least one paraphrase from each source named on your references page
  • A total of at least 4 unique sources, cited and referenced properly
  • A clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph
  • Excellent organization of your ideas
  • A references page with the full reference details
  • A word count of 1000 words, at minimum

Prewriting and Annotated Bibliography Details

Prewriting and planning are essential to writing an effective essay, so for this week’s assignment, you will complete the prewriting and planning steps of the process for developing the Research Essay. Additionally, you will also included an annotated bibliography, which includes a full APA Style reference followed by a brief summary of the source, and a description of how that source may be used in your essay. To complete the prewriting assignment, you will submit one document (or perhaps multiple documents) that include ALL of the following:

  1. A prewriting/”discovering” exercise to generate lots of ideas, like freewriting, brainstorming, or concept mapping. (3 points)
  2. A working thesis statement (directly addresses the prompt; most effective as the last sentence of the introduction. (2 points)
  3. An outline of your essay. (3 points)
  4. An annotated bibliography with6sources. Make sure to reviewthis documentfor information about how the annotated bibliography should be constructed. (10 points)

Note:if you create a concept map in an image editing program, you may submit this portion of the assignment separately from the rest of the assignment in a common image format, like .jpg or .pdf. Genius Scan is a great, free app that allows you to take, upload, and send images in.jpg or .pdf right from your smartphone.

You may also copy and paste the concept map into a Word document with the rest of your assignment. Alternately, you could also scan your concept map and submit it as an image or PDF file. If you choose to complete a concept map and submit it separately from the rest of your assignment, make sure to submit the rest of your work in a Word document (use the file format .doc, .docx, or .rtf)

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