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Personal Information

In order to place an order with us, you will also have to submit your

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We also expect that you will provide the following details, as you are registering on our website. Once we start working on your order, we will need your personal information to keep in touch with you. In rare cases, we may need to contact you and ask you for additional instructions and clarifications. Oftentimes, customers forget to upload the materials needed for their order or message the writer to approve the proposed topic. We do not want to delay your order or miss your deadline. This is why we must be sure that we can contact you at any time. Please, remember that only a few members of our company will have access to your personal data. We will not disclose or sell your information to anybody else.

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Online Transactions

We work only with the most respected and reliable payment systems. They will keep your billing information safely. The only thing we will need from you is verifying your payment details. Our Financial Department will contact you.

Clients’ Rights

All our customers are free to manage, replace, and delete their personal profile on our website. Please, let us know when you want to change your profile.