Project Feasibility Analysis

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For this assignment, you are a project manager. Your management has asked you to plan a project to develop an online shopping application to run on the newest model of the Android smartphone. You know the IPhone has a huge portion of the marketplace, and this causes you concern.

Develop a well-written and well-organized paper that addresses the following:(MUST BE IN APA FORMAT WITH 3 OR MORE SOURCES)

  • Discuss how your organization selected this project for further consideration. Be sure to include an overview of how decision rights are allocated.
  • Perform a feasibility analysis for this application development project, indicating for each risk:
    • The likelihood that the risk will materialize
    • The magnitude of its impact
    • Risk avoidance, mitigation, and transference approaches.
  • Based on your feasibility analysis, give your recommendation for how this project should proceed.

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