Project Portfolio

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Create a Comprehensive Practicum Project Portfolio.

Nurse Administrator Track – Has similar deliverables, but from the focus of an organizational change project, depending on the project the deliverables could vary.

Annotated bibliography of literature searched on conducting a needs assessment

Needs Assessment Survey developed

Summary and analysis of Needs Assessment Survey data

Annotated bibliography of literature searched on best practices related to administrative change topic

Chart/Summary of at least one National standards, Accrediting body standards, Regulatory body standards on administrative change topic focus

Developed business plan/change project proposal – Include algorithm, process map, new procedure, or policy, change project objectives, financial implications, staff implications, cost/benefit ratio, timeline for implementation, tool to evaluate project success. One might also have a PPT that provides this information to propose to administration or to educate staff.

Your submission needs to be organized into one clearly labelled Word document with any needed adjunct files such as PPT’s submitted separately. If you submit separate files, make sure they are well labeled

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