project proposal editing annotated working bibliography below

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Annotated Working Bibliography

Ash, Katie. “RAND Evaluates Philla. Restructuring.” Education Week, vol. 26, no. 22, 07 Feb.2007, p. 14. EBSCOhost, direct.true&db.keh&AN.23973765&site.ehost-live. In this article, the author discussed the characteristics of dropouts, dropout research, dropout’s employment level, employment statistics, questionnaires, among many that provide adequate information on the problems dropouts are faced with, and how to solve them. I believe creating awareness in every high school in the US will minimize this problem. I look forward to the parents and teachers to educate the kids on the danger of dropping out of school

Bedard, Kelly. “Human Capital Versus Signaling Models: University Access and High School Dropouts.” Journal of Political Economy, vol. 109, no. 4, Aug. 2001, p. 749. EBSCOhost, The author wrote that empowering dropout will help them to have a better income and reduce the burden on the government in giving compensation.

Cortina, Betty. “A Growing Problem.” Hispanic, vol. 23, no. 2, Apr/May2010, pp. 48-51. EBSCOhost, This article explains immensely about High school dropout increase in the Latino communities, and prevention program. These people need to know that education makes better living, and by joining hands together, the society will be great.

Kapp, Amy. “Empowering Young People through Service.” Reclaiming Children & Youth, vol. 18, no. 1, Spring2009, pp. 8-11. EBSCOhost, The author explained in her article that “Katrina Rebuilding Project was founded by Corporation for National and Community” to empower High School Dropout. This project has been rebuilding the minds of the youth since. I hope these groups keep empowering the minds of the young people.

Sparks, Sarah D. “A ‘Neglected’ Population Goes Back to School.” Education Week, vol. 32, no. 34, 06 June 2013, pp. 3-6. EBSCOhost, The author explained “Dropout-recovery efforts draw new attention in Boston, she explained shortly some causes of high school dropout, and some recovery system put in place that addressed the impact of the 2008 economic recession on at high risk high school dropout student”. Sarah projected that by 2020 there will be 90% of increasement in graduate. I believe this approach is a great way to help eradicate high crime and poverty rates.

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