proposal and storyboard

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  • Read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, pp. 1 – 75 (sections I to V)
  • Complete and Submit a storyboard of VRP
  • Begin working on VRP first draft
  • Listen to Professor Kenyon’s audio lecture on Essay Two
  • Complete and submit Essay Two Argument Proposal

Download a printable checklist here

Module 12 Assignment Details

Complete the following assignments for this module. All assignments are due by the end of the module unless otherwise noted. Be aware that this module has portions of assignments due at different time throughout the week. Please double check those due dates.

  • Read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, pp. 1 – 75 (sections I to V)
    • These pages cover the first few sections of the book. Use your active reading strategies to ruminate and annotate the important scenes and parts of the story as you read. Makes notes and references will help you return to those scenes and sections as you write about them and discuss them over the coming days and weeks.
  • Complete and Submit a storyboard of the VRP
    • Your storyboard is your own vision. You have the option of completing it on paper or on a computer, but in the end you should have written and drawn out a series of images and words that represent the ideas you want to present in your VRP
    • Follow this link here (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。 to view and download a variety of possible storyboard templates. You are free to use any of these that you feel best suit your vision and presentation format for the VRP.
    • Submit your storyboard as a Word or PDF file. If you’ve handwritten the storyboard, you can take a picture of it with your phone and submit the JPG. Submit it to this assignment.
  • Begin working on VRP first draft
    • There is no submission or due date for this first draft during this module, but be aware that a completed first draft will be expected during the next module.
  • Listen to Professor Kenyon’s audio lecture on Essay Two (embedded below)
    • In this lecture I go over the details of some vital sections of the essay two assignment sheet and give you some tips for thinking about your argument and completing the freewriting exercise

    Complete and Submit Essay Two argument proposal

    • Refer to the Essay 2 Assignment Sheet
    • Complete the instructions in the section titled, Developing and Exploring an Argument: A Freewriting Exercise. These should be completed in a notebook and will not be submitted, however, you will use these detailed exercises and responses to develop your argument. One of those documents that you can download here is called Raise Questions to Discover Ideas.
    • From these notes decide how you plan to argue for the role your theme plays in creating change in the novel.
    • Submit a (50+ word) proposal for your argument to this assignment.
    • Note: If you’re planning to choose The Handmaid’s Tale as your text it is fine to send me your theme choice at a later date once you’ve had a chance to read some or all of the novel.
    • Note the mid-week due date for this assignment.

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