Proposal Project Submission – Planning

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Part 2 – Planning Overview

The first function of management to address for this proposal is planning. Decision-making is an important part of the process, and there are decisions that need to be made to get the event rolling.

For your assignment, ensure you identify your local school’s name and the school’s sport team that needs to raise money for uniforms. Ensure you are specific in answering the questions below in a research paper format. Remember, you need to “sell” your proposal to the school board so ensure you have enough details to be convincing. You can write your proposal in first person.

This week you will submit the first section of your proposal in a Microsoft Word® document that details the following:

  • Explain how the goods/services being donated will be collected and used for the fundraiser.
  • Explain how you will utilize the location donated to you.
  • Summarize how you are going to promote the event.
  • Describe the process you will use to collect the revenue.
  • State how you will present this process to the team of volunteers.

Tips for writing your proposal

  • Proposals should always start out with the “why” and “what”. Example, state why the need for the fundraiser and what you are fundraising for. Include your school name, the sports team that needs the funds, and how much money you need to raise. This should be your introductory paragraph.
  • Be very specific in answering the direction questions. Example, describe what local businesses are going to help, explain what exactly each business will donate, and what you plan to do if you raise more than the cost of the uniforms, etc.
  • In planning, you need to estimate how many people may attend your fundraiser. Why? Because you need to know how much food, tickets, prizes, etc., to better plan and be prepared.
  • References should be on their own page at the end of the proposal with ‘References’ centered on the first line.

Remember to think strategically and use resources to support your information.

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