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Benchmark Research Proposal Paper Assignment Instructions


Throughout the course you have learned about the importance of research in counseling and how empirically based interventions help inform how counselors practice. The Research Proposal Paper will expound upon your topic selection in hopes to formulate a research study that can be used in counseling.


You will answer the questions located in the Research Proposal Paper Template, in a narrative, illuminating the current literature and how the literature informs your proposed study. Then you will conclude your paper with the implications that this study could have upon the counseling field and integrate a biblical perspective in light of these implications.

Please follow the steps below, answering all the questions in each section.

  • Your paper must only be 2 – 3 pages in length
    • This length does not include a title page, abstract and reference page
  • Your section headings will include: Literature (with Research Questions as a subheading and with other subheadings as needed) and Integration (subheadings as needed).
  • Your paper must be formatted in current APA formatting.
  • At least five citations and references must be included. Acceptable sources include peer-reviewed literature such as journal articles and books.

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