Psychology research paper

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Conduct a literature review utilizing peer-reviewed journal articles. Synthesize all of your research (from the articles) into a coherent, well organized paper. This is not an opinion paper – you are sharing research from experts in the field. You must include a minimum of 10 references, at least 7 must be peer reviewed journals. The body of your final paper should be 6-7 pages in length. Be sure to follow APA guidelines.

You must have a minimum of 10 references total. 7 must be Peer-Reviewed. This means journal articles – typically with tables and charts and lots of words (not lots of pictures). They will also have many references at the end of the
article. (They are called peer-reviewed because before they are published, a panel of peers reviews the articles). You may access them through data bases such as MBU library or Google Scholar as listed above.

Use articles that are no more than 7 years old. The exception is if there is a seminal or landmark article.

Your other 3 sources could be articles from books and sources such as Psychology Today, web sites. Although, your paper is more robust the more journal articles you use.

You may NOT use Wikipedia,, or any other collaborative user source

The body of your paper must be 6 – 7 pages in length.

You are synthesizing all of the material you have read into a well organized, coherent, easy to read paper. This is not an opinion paper. And, this is not your research. You are presenting research from professionals in the field

You must include:
Title Page

Body of the Paper


Hint: When composing your paper – think of your audience as people who have a limited knowledge of psychology and human services. Explain and reference your findings.

Be sure to use proper citations – Give credit to the authors. At this point in your careers, you are not considered experts in the field. Soon you will be!

Sample Outline

(please note, this is a very general sample. You do not have to follow it. Your outline will reflect your research)

Brief definition of the subject you picked

The Importance (Why did you pick it?) This would be very brief – 1 paragraph

Background / Historical Significance

Tests / Measurements related to your subject (this is the bulk of your paper)

Information on each test

Professional Critiques

Your impressions (this will be a short section – 1 or 2 paragraphs – remember this is a research, not opinion paper)

Suggestions for further research

Conclusion (Brief summary of your paper)

THE TOPIC IS Clinical and Counseling Assessment > Diagnosis of Mental Disorders and the disorder I choose is Schizophrenia.

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