Publice Sector Managenment Assignemnt one

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Important notification (pls read)

Pls confirm that you can do this really good. And you are willing to hard working on this assignment even spend more time on this, I can promise I will pay you high.

Pls follow all the steps

Step One:

You must specifically read all the lecture PowerPoints of this module. Some very important information and requirements can be found from ppt kind of reference. Pls remember each context of topic need to be academic. There need to be high relevance between each paragraph and you have to use more references given by professor.

Step two:

Reading each tutorial and recommendation reading, pick up key points you need to write it down draft. There is something you might need to fix after you give me the first version of assignment.

Step three:

Find a topic that you are interested in and do deeply research about it. And then you can start to write the assignment (Two blogs); If I got a high grades I will add more money as tips.

Especially, A high money will give you passionate to working hard on this.

I will share more ppt once I confirm your deal with me. Also I have uploaded a previous assignment ( from professor) kind of examplel.

Please note that I will give priority to graduate students who have graduated from businesss management majors, or graduate students from the top 100 universities in the world. I will give priority to graduate students from Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard. If you are interested in this task If you are qualified for this job, please contact me (bring your major and degree). If you have obtained distinction results, I will give you additional tips or we can adjust the burget.

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