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control is an essential part of projects. Explain five essential tools and
techniques available to monitory quality aspects of a project. How will these
be applied in a practical construction project? Explain.

five communications principles that are essential for a successful project.
Show how you would use these five principles effectively in a manufacturing

the purpose of using a Gantt Chart in Project Management. What are the
advantages and disadvantages of a Gantt Chart? For a banking project you are
developing a web component whereby customers could see their account balances
(checking, savings and loan) online. Develop a Gantt Chart for this IT project
that is expected to last 6 months. Security and testing should be part of this

of the methods available for monitoring project progress are PERT and CPM.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods. Draw a
sample CPM chart for a home building project. Project duration is 6 months. You
should select the various components that would be the project tasks, their
duration and their precedence relationship. This should be your initial table
and then use this table to draw the CPM chart by showing ES, EF, LS, LF, Slack
and the critical path.

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