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For this assignment we would like you to choose one vehicle from each of the four categories (Alternative Fuel, Exotic, Peoples’ and Muscle Car) and answer the following question for each category:

  • What is the Make and Model of your chosen car? Please include pictures were possible
  • Briefly explain to us the history of your chosen car? Do you feel like the era in which this car was created impacted its engineering and design?
  • What is your car’s intended use?
  • Who is the intended buyer for your car?
  • Why does this car fit into the assigned category?

***** Please do not choose a car from the examples provided in class. Remember that your assignment should answer these questions for four separate cars, one from each category listed. ****

Your paper should be 4-5 pages in length. All papers are to be typed, double spaces, in 12-point type with one-inch margins on all sides. We expect lucid prose, correct punctuation, grammar, spelling and organization. Please for your own peace of mind keep a back up copy of your paper saved on a computer, memory stick or in the Cloud, just in case. Please submit your paper no later than the due date in the assignment drop box. We do not accept late or emailed submissions.

Cars chosen for the categories

  • Alternative Fuel

– Tesla

  • Exotic

– McLaren P1

  • Peoples Car

– Honda Accord

  • Muscle Car

– Camaro zl1

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