Read and answer then write

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In our class discussion, we considered aspects of perception, interpretation, and different degrees of awareness of our own subjectivity. We also considered how comfort and stereotyping also can affect our notions of what is right, and of “truth.”

We ended our class by considering how we experience manipulation and “partial truths” in contemporary media, and in attitudes about religion, gender roles, politics, etc.

Identify a current “cave” that affects societal attitudes about current issues. How are the “shadows” projected in your chosen example? How are members of society provided with information and definitions of a truth? How do these contrast with other views? What impact can this “cave” have on social and cultural experience.

In your exploration, include references/quotes to the Plato text as well as other resources.

Length: 2-3 pages (500-750 words)

Double-spaced (250 words per page)

Reference style can be parenthetical

Include a bibliography

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