RELIGIOn discussion and two reply posts

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Week One: Assignment:

Reading Assignment:

Read Chapter 1: Point of Departure, pages 1-11

Read Chapter 2: Hinduism, pages 12-26

Writing Assignment:

Complete Worksheet #1 and turn in by Sunday night, February 5 by 11:59 pm. It is located in the Week One folder under the Assignment Link on Blackboard. Please submit your homework through that assignment link. Instructions for this are given elsewhere.

To get full credit the answers must be thorough, show thought and completely fill in the blanks provided.

The Worksheet is worth 10 points.

III. Discussion Board Assignment Questions:

Answer these question on the Discussion Board in Blackboard.

Question One:

1. What are you most looking forward to studying and learning about the World’s Religions in this course. Explain your answer.


What seems most difficult or problematic for you in the study of World Religions and why do you think this is so


Smith says he will not dwell on the negative aspects of the different religions we will study, but instead will focus on the deeper message each religion has to offer. What do you think about this approach and why?

2. Question Two:

1. Do you agree with Smith’s idea about what people want and what they really want? What do you really want in your life? Compare that to the Hindu idea. Give reasons for your answer.


2. Do you agree with this Hindu idea that we should not leave a path until it leaves us? Why or why not? Explain your answer.

Hint: Hindus believe that you should not leave a path until it leaves you. Take pleasure as an example. Hindus believe that there is nothing wrong with pursuing pleasure in all it forms as long as it is done responsibly. This means you should not break the law, or take advantage or use people for your own pleasure. Your pursuit of pleasure should always be open and honest. Their idea is that the only way to overcome a desire is to satisfy it responsibly. The Hindus believe that after awhile we will gradually get bored with this form of pleasure and be ready to move on. Hindus believe that to do differently would mean we would just be suppressing natural urges and that this would cause more harm then satisfying our pleasures in a honest, open and responsible manner.

Remember: These initial responses to questions should be at least 150 words in length and contribute significantly to the discussion.

Also: Don’t forget to respond to two of your classmates’ postings for each question (four in total). They must be at least 75 words in length and contribute significantly to the discussion.

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