religion in the U.S #11

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Assigned readings and broadcasts : Gaustad & Schmidt Chapter 17………


1) Religion, Race, Gender and Social Justice
2) Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

Respond to all four question-sets: A, B, C, D. For this module, you are required to respond to every question in a question-set. (250 words minimum.)

A) What perceived common ground between Jews and African Americans inspires the celebration of Seder described in “Freedom Seder”? What gender issues are addressed in “Feminist Seder”? In one of the videos assigned for Module 9, the Dalai Lama discussed the connection he sees between Tibetans and Jews. What do the concerns of African Americans, feminists, and Tibetans have to do with the Jewish Seder? Discuss.

B) Summarize and discuss the interview with Dr. Cone. What connections between religion, racism, violence, and empowerment does Dr. Cone draw? In your opinion, are these connections valid?

C) Drawing the assigned reading, discuss the role of religion in the civil rights movement.

D) Drawing upon the assigned reading, discuss the issues surrounding the role of women in religious organizations in contemporary America.

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