Research paper, cash flow models, 1000 words doc + Excel spreadsheet

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Use the same company Amazon to accomplish these tasks (1000 words doc):

  1. Using the GAAP balance sheet for the most recent year, for each item, determine where it should be classified in the economic balance sheet (core operations, nonoperating net assets, debt claims, other capital claims, or equity claims). Create a 2-column table in Word to show the corresponding accounts.
  2. Determine whether any other items should appear on the economic balance sheet that are not on the GAAP balance sheet.
  3. Determine if information exists in the annual report or elsewhere that can assist in valuing the nonoperating net assets, debt, and other capital claims.

For Excel spreadsheet:

Estimate the cost of equity, WACC, and the unlevered cost of equity.

Use the same company you have been studying in this course’s assignments.

  1. Find the beta for your company use
  2. Estimate your company’s cost of equity.
  3. Estimate your company’s weighted average cost of capital.
  4. Estimate your company’s unlevered cost of equity.

Show your calculations in an Excel document. Be sure to label each calculation clearly.

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