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Humanities 201

Research Paper

Fall 2016

5 page research paper with 6th page as a work cited page.

From below choose any one topic for your research paper due 6th May, 2016 during class time:

  1. Choose ONE theme or ONE style that is evidenced or well developed in the epic, The Odyssey, and discuss how it generally unfolds in the epic.
  2. Discuss one theme, one style or one particular aspect you recognize in the play, Oedipus the King.
  3. Choose three poems from each perspective (Asian, European, and
    African) and explicatively analyze them as you compare and contrast


_.  You must write your paper in MLA format.

_.  You must give adequate examples to support your arguments.

_.  You must cite at least 10 academic sources for your research material.

_.  No more than two sources in one page, and no one source material  should run over 2 lines within the same page.

–.   Research sources must be documented in the works cited page at the   end of the paper.

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