Research paper of business ethics

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My Research topic is Ethics Across Cultures

When working globally, ethics include respecting differences between co-workers, honest communication in the workplace, and trust. The business ethics in different country can be diverse. For example, In Japanese companies, employees must get their supervisors’ approval whenever they make a decision. Likewise, the time perception is extremely important in China, even 10-15 minutes can make a huge difference. Purpose of my research is avoiding confusion about ethics in global businesses, especially in Asian area.

Research include

  • The importance of global ethics
  • What’s the different between America and the other country.
  • The impact of lacking knowledge of global ethics
  • How to improve global ethics


The global business environment is constantly changing and becoming more diverse. We can no longer assume that our own values and ethics are the only “right” way to approach business relationships with other countries. By helping your organization appreciate the differences between cultures, you will help your employees better understand how to best approach their work as your company scales globally.

Note: please identify 2-3 strong points in each and 2-3 areas that could use improvement or additional attention, double spaces, 3 pages.

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