Research topic/question for research methods in psychology

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Choose a research topic from one of the five sources of ideas mentioned in Module 2 class video (i.e. common sense, observation of the world, theories, past research, practical problems). This topic will eventually be used to develop a research study proposal, where you will develop a literature review, hypothesis, methods to test your hypothesis, a results section with made up data (just as if you had actually conducted the study), discussion analyzing your results, and references (in APA style) which were cited in the study.

Your research question should be in the form of a question. However, it should not be a yes/no question (it should not start with Is/Are). It should not be a why question, since research cannot answer the why of things. And your research study question should also follow these guidelines:

i) Not too broad
ii) Not too narrow
iii) Interesting
iv) Should lead directly to a hypothesis (you will be asked to form a hypothesis for the final


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