Research (u-3)

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Unit 3 – Inventory Management:

Prepare a 700-word minimum paper (excluding title page and references), that addresses the following:

  1. Explain the function and application of the ABC analysis.
  2. Describe how the analysis is constructed.
  3. Define each of the A, B, and C inventory categories.
  4. Provide at least three examples that illustrate the application of the ABC analysis (Library case studies may be a good resource but specific data is not expected – description of applied processes are expected).

In addition to course materials, research industry related journal and periodical articles written in the last five years in Deets Library. At least three references in addition to course materials are required. Hint: In addition to journals and periodicals relevant to the industry of which your selected company is a part, there may be journals and periodicals relevant to the topic that may be a resource. Note that APA format is required for this paper. An abstract is not required and does not count toward the word count if provided.

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